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Crassula ‘Springtime’ ( 1 piece )


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Crassula ‘Springtime’ is a cultivar of Crassula ovata, commonly known as Jade Plant or Money Tree. It features compact growth and vibrant green leaves with red margins.

How to  grow and care for Crassula ‘Springtime’ :

  1. Light requirements: Crassula ‘Springtime’ prefers bright, indirect light. It can tolerate some direct sunlight, but intense, scorching sunlight should be avoided as it may cause sunburn. Place the plant near a window where it can receive several hours of sunlight each day.
  2. Temperature: This succulent prefers average to warm room temperatures between 65°F and 75°F (18°C and 24°C). Protect it from cold drafts and avoid exposing it to temperatures below 50°F (10°C).
  3. Watering: Water Crassula ‘Springtime’ thoroughly and then allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again. The frequency of watering will depend on the season, temperature, and humidity levels. As a general rule, water more frequently during the active growing season (spring and summer) and reduce watering during the dormant period (fall and winter). Avoid overwatering, as it can lead to root rot. It’s better to underwater than to overwater.
  4. Soil: Use a well-draining succulent or cactus potting mix. The soil should be loose and airy to prevent waterlogging. You can also create your own mix by combining regular potting soil with perlite or coarse sand to improve drainage.
  5. Fertilizer: Crassula ‘Springtime’ benefits from occasional fertilization. During the active growing season, you can feed it with a balanced, diluted succulent fertilizer every 4-6 weeks. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer packaging for the correct dilution ratio. Avoid fertilizing during the dormant period.
  6. Propagation: Crassula ‘Springtime’ can be propagated through stem cuttings. Take a healthy cutting and allow it to dry for a few days until the cut end calluses over. Then, plant the cutting in well-draining soil and mist lightly. Keep it in a warm, bright location. Once the cutting develops roots, you can treat it as a mature plant.
  7. Pruning: Pruning is not usually necessary for Crassula ‘Springtime.’ However, you can trim back any leggy or unruly growth to maintain a more compact shape. Use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears and make clean cuts just above a leaf node.
  8. Pests and diseases: Crassula ‘Springtime’ is generally resistant to pests and diseases. However, keep an eye out for common succulent pests such as mealybugs and scale insects. If you notice any signs of infestation, isolate the affected plant and treat it with an appropriate organic insecticide or by wiping the pests off with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Remember to observe your Crassula ‘Springtime’ regularly and adjust your care routine as needed. With proper attention to light, water, and temperature requirements, your plant should thrive and display its vibrant foliage.

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